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MPO ATT & MPO ATT Loopback Launching in Feb.

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Name 관리자 Date2016-02-05 11:00



The Optical Communications Research Institute at OptoNest Corp. announced in the completion of MPO Attenuator and MPO Attenuation Loopback development in January 2016. The two new products, solutions for next-generation optical communications connector: MPO interconnections, are expected to be received enthusiastically by the market.

The MPO Attenuator is used to evenly attenuate the optical signal power of all channels in 40/100G Parallel Optic Transmission, etc., using MPO Interconnections. The device allows a departure from the conventional method wherein independent attenuators are connected to individual channels, making possible drastic reductions in user time and the volume of connecting devices. The optical industry is expecting the MPO Attenuator to aid in simplifying the design of networks.
The MPO Attenuation Loopback for network and optical link testing in 40/100G networks boasts attenuation that is more accurate and broad-ranged than conventional MPO Loopback products.
According to OptoNest Corp., the MPO Attenuator and MPO Attenuation Loopback products, which employ ‘multichannel attenuation fiber optics’ for attenuation, despite their high functionality and outstanding quality, will be supplied at a low price. The sales division at OptoNest Corp. has announced that it will employ an aggressive marketing strategy to place the new products in world markets and achieve market domination, and that part of this effort will be a ‘high quality – low price’ strategy for new products.
Meanwhile, the Quality Control team at OptoNest Corp., ahead of the launch of the new MPO Attenuator and MPO Attenuation Loopback products, has achieved compliance with various standards such as RoHS. Also, having established product processes which conform to specifications approved by TIA/EIA 604-5 and IEC 61754-7, the company is preparing to begin mass production in earnest from February.
Executive Director Park, Strategic Marketing Officer at OptoNest Corp., commented that “These new products will be shown at OFC-2016 in March 2016. In order to realize the management philosophy of OptoNext Corp., which seeks to become a technology leader in the next generation optical industry, aims to carry out various businesses and projects for the development of new products, collaborating with companies the world over in optical industry sectors.”
The new products are expected to bring about grand innovations that do away with the costs involved in the multi-stage connection work involved in conventional optical communications connectors, and to thereby make a large contribution to the next step in progress for the optical industry.