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  • Attenuation Fiber

    • OptoNest’s specialty optical fibers are fabricated for WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) applications with flat attenuation properties. The attenuation fibers have the potential to offer high reliability and stable input optical power endurance. OptoNest’s attenuation fibers are designed to be used for plug and in-line types attenuators covering from 1250nm to 1650nm with 1~40dB/21mm and 22.4mm

    Polarization Maintaining
    Fiber (PMF)

    • OptoNest provides Polarization Maintaining Fiber(PMF), which is specially designed for fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and polarization -sensitive components applications. This kind of fiber exhibits extremely low attenuation and excellent birefringence characteristics, and is used in a variety of demanding applications.

    Hard Polymer Cladding
    Fiber (HPCF)

    • The hard polymer cladding provides higher tensile strength and greater resistance to moisture than the conventional one. These features together create a fiber widely used in fields of telecommunication and industry, and near-IR spectroscopy. Large core with 200μm~600μm diameter provides an excellent coupling efficiency for data links and connectors.