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'Optonest' Selected as of 18th high-tech company

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Name 관리자 Date2018-12-04 10:34


Gwangju Research and Development Division of the R&D Promotion Foundation designated OPTONEST as the 18th high-tech company in Gwangju.

OPTONEST is a component material company that produces special optical fiber that maintains a constant level of light signal input and output strength used for telecommunication. It is a Korean company that localize attenuation fiber which has been dependent on imports since its establishment in 2000. By exporting it back to global markets, it achieved 20% and 2nd place in global market in 2017.

If designated as a high-tech company for research and development zones, it will receive deduction of 100 percent of corporate tax for three years, 50 percent of property tax for two years, and 50 percent of property tax for three years and additional points will be given when participating in special district development projects.

"Gwangju Special District is continuously pushing for projects to expand the designation of high-tech companies and to help them innovate, and will continue to develop innovative companies that are highly skilled in technology." said Han Sangmoon, head of the Gwangju Special District Office.