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The development of optical fiber (EY-FPDCF) of fluorophosphates double…

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Name 관리자 Date2019-07-22 10:27


1. Project name: The development of optical fiber (EY-FPDCF) of fluorophosphates double-clad structure with doped Erbium/ytterbium

2. Technical feature
      - Use of fluorophosphate-based glass characteristics that can be doped in high concentrations
      - High absorption for High-power pump laser that is due to the double clad structure
      - High-power oscillation at the 1550mm wavelength that can be made in shorter length than conventional silicate-based optical fibers
      - Fiber designed for a pulsed laser with very short pulse widths in  nanoseconds and kW-class pulse power

3. Applications   
      - Military and Commercial LIDAR and Range Finder
      - Eye-safe Lasers and Amplifiers
      - High Power Pulsed Lasers and Amplifiers operating around 1.5um-band